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Company History

In the early 1990’s, our founder emerged as a printing & advertising salesman in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Working for Pacific Business News, and later United Printing & Imaging, he became very knowledgeable on how to translate client’s ideas into visual presentations, or graphic layouts.  During this time, he helped such clients such as Prince Club International, Chaminade University, and Augustine Educational Foundation achieve their print & advertising goals.  Realizing that all commercial printers are not equal, A+ Media Creations was established in 2003 as a print broker with design capabilities.  This business model allowed us to design client’s projects, bid the print jobs to wholesale printers, and by selecting the most economical printer to produce the job, enabled us to pass on the savings to our clients.  

As years progressed, professional photography was in high demand since we were designing print materials and advertisements.  Now we needed a professional photographer to make the connection.  This opportunity turned our founder’s hobby into a career.  He devoted his part-time efforts shooting destination weddings to gain more shooting experience.  With several years of wedding photo shoots under his belt, our company began to utilize this in-house talent for fashion model shoots, product merchandising illustration, and real estate showcases.  Ultimately, this all fell into place to benefit our clients.

After a few years, we expanded our services into Digital Video Production, which is our passion, and has become the pinnacle of our business evolution.  Utilizing all our prior experience in graphics, photography, and advertising, we are now able to take our crative agency to the next level... VIDEO!  We invested in top quality HD cameras, cordless lavalier microphones, high-end editing systems and software, studio lighting equipment, and began producing professional presentations shortly thereafter.  Our founder spent several years of fine tuning his skills in the wedding industry - filming, editing, and delivering top quality videos and slideshows to his clients.  In 2008, our company became very successful in producing various business related videos.  Such videos included an eight hour training video and mini-drama for the Partners in Development Foundation, several annual corporate conference videos for the State Judiciary's Child Welfare system, a series of television commercials for Jim Dempsey Realtors, and many other videos for various organizations. 

Upon relocating to Dallas, Texas in 2012, A+ Media Creations has acquired the skills, knowledge, equipment and experience to produce any type of video, for whatever reason, and offer competitive pricing to do so.  Please give us an opportunity to estimate your next video project, we are happy to utilize our experience to help you accomplish your goals.  Please call us for a consultation.


Portfolio & Clients

State of Hawaii, Judiciary - "Annual Child Welfare Law Update" conferences

Partners in Development Foundation - "H.A.N.A.I." Foster Care Training Programs 

Jim Dempsey Realtors - series of television commercials (three 15 sec, one 30 sec)

Ice Palace Skate School - annual skate competitions and event shows

Grace Bible Church - Easter Sunday Services & Highlights

JET Luxury Resorts - Virtual Tours of Trump Waikiki Towers condos for sale

Chaminade University - 2010 & 2011 Graduation Ceremony

Island Pacific Academy - 2011 Graduation Ceremony & Project Grad Highlights

Augustine Educational Foundation - design & printing brochures, fund raising materials




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