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Production Services Options

Introduction Video:

Our goal is to begin to brand your company's products or services in an Introduction Video to engage your prospects in a personal manner, while educating them on your company's Features & Benefits, then enticing & encouraging them to take action by either calling you, or by purchasing your products or services. This short 1 minute video is a TURN KEY Video Production Service including the following:

  • Script Writing with your final approval
  • 1/2 day filming HD at your location
  • Editing footage with your Logo and background music
  • Format Video for Internet Hosting
  • Enabling Unlimited Use or Run time $1,950 Total 1X Cost

Testimonial Video:

What better way to give your prospects confidence in purchasing your products and services, than seeing a video of other satisfied customers raving about how happy they are, as a result of choosing to purchase from your business, as opposed to your competitors. We will add another 1 minute video of 3 -5 Interviews of your Customers on Camera to be formatted for your unlimited use.

  • $500 If filmed same day as Introduction Video
  • $950 If filmed separately on a different day and/or location.

Branded Series of Videos:

The strategy to brand your videos will benefit your business greatly. By creating a “Unique Name”, with your Logo, and a particular sound bite that is CONSISTENT throughout all your Videos, will reinforce consumer’s recognition of your BRAND. Once they become your customer, and your Videos helped them decide to buy, they are more likely to "Share" your Videos on Social Media, which will increase your exposure, and ultimately boost your sales! All Series Videos will be scripted with more information on your products and services, including features & benefits, while keeping it short & sweet (1 minute) to retain interest. Branded Series Videos will continue to give viewers good reason to purchase from you!

  • $1,500/each additional Series Video

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